Making your online footprint

A permanent path to your customers.

Your online footprint, your brand, your online presence. All of this encompasses what your company stands for, represents and offers. Marketing in this day and age, and going forward, is all moving to the digital platforms. People spend hours and hours on their computers, laptops, even their phones, just surfing the web. Where are you in all of this? Where is your company in the big line of ads, banners, and pop-ups?

With Accelerated Media Solutions, we manage all of that for you. We will help you build your brand and set your company apart from all of your competition in the area. It’s one thing to simply have a website, it’s another thing altogether to get people to find it. Just because you have a dot com, doesn’t mean people know it’s there or how to find it.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we take your website, optimize it, ensure it’s responsiveness and get it out in front of your competition. This is an ongoing effort, a process, of getting traffic from the free, organic or natural search results on search engines. We work tirelessly to get your online presence to communicate effectively with Google and 25-100 online business directories.

 A large part of your online footprint now includes social media. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are all marketing tools regularly used in our community and online with Google to optimize your reach. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, you are able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than traditional media. You are also able to reach potential clients in a wider range of demographics than with traditional media.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, we also offer call tracking. This is when we provide your company with a dedicated phone number to use in all online locations. We report monthly on this call tracking number so you can see exactly what calls are generated by your online presence. This report will tell you the number of calls that were generated by online initiatives as well as when, whom and the location of the call.

All in all, your online footprint is vast, complex and we can easily manage all of it so you can manage your business. We create your online portfolio, manage your presence and optimize your reach so you can concentrate on your customers, products, and services.

Let us take care of your online footprint, so all you leave behind with your customer is a great experience.




Social Media Posts For Your Business – What To Post, When

It’s not enough to simply “have” a social media account. If you’re not posting up-to-date, and relevant content, what’s the point. If you gain any followers at all once you’ve created the account, you’re not going to grow your business and acquire new clients simply because “you have a Facebook or Twitter or whatever account, and they liked the page”.

Today’s marketing platforms are ever changing.  According to Marketing Insider Group (see below for source), our attention-span to a post online is now only 8 seconds long.  They compare that to a goldfish. So how do you make your business, your brand, stand out among the rest?  The key here is targeted geographic content.

First of all, you should be posting on your account at least once a week, but mostly 3 times a week is recommended.  You could post every day but you also don’t want to annoy your followers. Your posts should be relevant to your business or product/service that you offer.  There’s no reason to be posting about your “cute little dog” unless you’re in the puppy business. Keep that in your personal account.

You want to show your customers you have an interest in their needs.  You also want to show off your best efforts. Having media such as pictures or videos showing your business in action, your employee’s getting caught “doing it right”, is a great way to self-promote. Another thing you should always do is ignore the old adage “discretion is the better part of valour”.  When it comes to social media marketing, you want to show when you do good deeds in the community, or when you donated to charity.  Whether it’s “in kind” by donating materials to a Habitat For Humanity build, or donated some non-perishables to a food bank for PJ-day in the office, this should always but put out front and center. It builds your brand’s reputation and engages the community.

It’s all about product placement and community engagement.  Ask permission of your clients about putting their picture up, name them in your posts and let them share it. Each of these steps adds to your reach and increases your engagement with your clients. Just don’t get carried away naming everyone you know and every charity in the community. Space them out, make sure it’s relevant to your business and your community.  Whether you sell leashes for pets, install roofing, or run a dental practice, there’s something that can be shared for everyone.