Call tracking, let’s do this!

Call tracking, let’s do this!

What is “call tracking”?

You have a website, great!  It’s even “search engine optimized” (SEO), even better.  So now, customers are finding your site, and your phone is ringing, but how can you be sure that they’re calling you because of your website?  This is where a call tracking number comes in. It’s great that your phone is ringing, but let’s see how many of those calls are generated by the marketing budget you’ve spent on your website and this so-called SEO.

By including a call tracking phone number – a dedicated phone number to use in all online locations of your business’s online presence, you now have the means to see how many of your calls are generated strictly by your online branding.

At Accelerated Media Solutions, we recommend this option to all of our clients. This enables us to give you the means to track exactly what calls are coming in, time of day, where they’re coming from and even who called, all from your online marketing initiatives. Your boss wants to know where your budget is getting spent, this shows you the return on investment (ROI) for that budget. With your SEO putting you at the top of the search engine Google, your online presence is putting you right in front where your customers are looking. By putting that call tracking number on, you’re getting real, measurable results for your online marketing budget.

Hardly anyone opens up those old amber-coloured books anymore, everyone uses their phone, tablets, even computers to “Google” the industry, product, or service they’re looking for.  You’re spending money on radio ads, but how do you know they are really working for you? Do you want to get left behind, or do you want to get out there, get those calls and see where they’re coming from?

A call tracking number combined with SEO could mean the difference between a small business making those extra sales, or struggling against the big guys.  This is your means of reallocating precious marketing dollars to where you’re going to get the biggest impact. Next time you’re looking for a phone number for something, ask yourself: “did I just Google that?”.